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The purpose of 7 Chakras for 7 Days is to empower you with positive feelings and actions that will enable you to take actions that yield positive results in your life. 7 Chakras for 7 Days will help you to live a more fulfilled and happy daily life; bringing a spring into your step and your heart. Filled with vivid and beautiful images, this eBook will engage, inspire, invoke and catalyse you to heal yourself and move your life forward. Every part of this eBook is about empowering your mind, body and spirit; as well as, feeding your soul. I hope you enjoy your experiences and are rewarded gloriously in your life. The eBook is interactive which allows you to enter your thoughts within the eBook.

In order to take advantage of the interactivity of this ebook, please make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader. You can download the latest version by clicking the following link:- Download Adobe Acobat Reader DC

7 Chakras for 7 Days e-Book
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7 Chakras for 7 days
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